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 1. Go to the CATALOG. 


Pick the size what you need. We have 2 different sizes (Full Page and Quarter Page) and 2 orientation for the size Quarter Page (4.25x5.5)

Click on the template. You can pick a template for you. It depends on how many service providers and locations you have. 

2. You see template and fields to fill with your own information

 3. On the right side of the sheet, you see numbers - quantity for your prescription. If you don’t need them – click to the button below “Click to pick blank page” and pick the Image “BLANK”

 Please, fill all the fields carefully and provide us with the correct information.  When you finish input your information click the button UPDATE IMAGE and you will see modified document. 

 4. When you finished you can download PDF PROOF. 

 Click the button “Review & Approve” 

 Check the Proof PDF. Remember, that PrintItPlus is not responsible for incorrect information provided.

 If you have read the Proof and check all the information and agree, please initial to approve the job. Then click NEXT

5. Pick the quantity and paper, click update price. All Rx padded for 25 sheets. Quantity 5 means that you will receive 250 sheets, 10 – 500 sheets. 

If everything is correct, click add to cart

6. Proceed to checkout. On this step, if you don’t have an account on the website, you have to create it. 

Turnaround time and delivery method

Pick your delivery method and turnaround time.


If you are ready for checkout, you can fill your CC information.

Fill all fields with accuracy. You can save your CC information as well for future orders.

Your order will go to our system and your card will be authorized just after you click Place your order.

If yoi made everything correct, you will recieve this message and e-mail. 

Send Files.

If you have any trouble to place an order through the web site, you can upload your Rx in the "Send Files" part.